The Forney Family Self Defense school as been part of the Forney, TX community for over 20 years.  We are excited to announce that we have gone through some recent changes to become a member of the Global Traditional Martial Arts (GTMA) organization, we still continue to provide self-defense training and valuable life lessons to our students with a new and even more practical curriculum. We use traditional martial arts to teach discipline, perseverance, integrity, courage, and practical self defense training for kids and adults. 

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Multiple program & Family discounts available

Global Traditional Martial Arts (GTMA) uses a practical application approach too traditional martial arts. This program for both children and adults will give students a deeper understanding of traditional martial arts and how to use those lessons to succeed in the present day. 

Adults only training too insure you are the one left standing in a potentially life treatening situation. Our Krav Maga Program incorperates aspects of Muy Tai, Kali, Taekwondo, Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT) & Joint Locks to give our students a strong understanding of self-defense an dangerous world.  

No matter what level of training you already have weather you're a beginner to advanced tactical we can help you imporove your shooting skills. Learn the same techniques used by police and military; choose from our dry-fire training, earn your TX License to Carry (LTC) or schedule a class with us on the live-fire range. 

Looking to loose weight, relieve stress, build confidence? Our High Instensity Interval Training (HIIT) program will help you reach your goals and have a great time along the way.  
This time based workout program combines punching bag drills with body weight calastenics and cardio drills.   

Let us pick-up your children after school so you don't have to worry about getting them to class on time. Students attend class 4-5 days a week working to develop reponsability, disipline and perseverance among other important life skills. This program also qualifies as child care in the state of TX, making it 100% tax deductable.    

Martial Arts is NOT a sport, it's a lifestyle

At Forney Family Self Defense we don't just teach you how to kick an punch, we teach you how to attack life.

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